MindRiseLife is a project I created to build a community dedicated to gathering and making accessible practical information about anxiety and anxiety disorders. From experts in anxiety research and wellness to individuals’ personal experience with anxiety, every piece of information is pertinent to help you manage and overcome anxiety. Think of MindRiseLife as your “How-to-live-anxiety-free” manual.

My personal experience with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) with panic attacks is what motivated me to create MindRiseLife. When GAD hit, I was lost and confused; even as a psychology major who studied anxiety disorders, I could not recognize what I was going through. So, I did what most of us would have done, which is go online and try to find answers.

The answers came in bits and pieces; sometimes incomprehensible and other times scattered, requiring me to piece it together in order for it to be helpful. It was time-consuming and took a lot of effort – which is hard to come by when you suffer from an anxiety disorder. Incidentally, my psychology background proved to be helpful at that point since I knew where to look, how to understand it and how to put it into practice, and the result of it all is what I want to share with you.

Here, you can find all kinds of useful and practical information about anxiety, as well as coaching and guidance from yours truly. I have dedicated years to personally research anxiety, I overcame my GAD and haven’t had a single panic attack in years, so let me help you get there and stay there. Book a coaching session with me and let’s put you on your way to a life where anxiety is no longer an issue.