As we all know color is light and as such it enters through our eyes. It is visible because it reflects, bends, and refracts through all kinds of particles, molecules and objects.

Color is also energy penetrating our skin and causing chemical reactions within our body which can in turn influence emotions. This explains why we label colors with terms denoting affect such as “sad”colors, “happy”colors, or “calming” colors.

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HOW TO practice “writing for well-being”

Source: King LA. The Health Benefits of Writing about Life Goals. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 2001;27(7):798-807. doi:10.1177/0146167201277003


Sample instructions for writing about best possible self (i.e., one’s life goals):

Think about your life in the future. Imagine that everything has gone as well as it possibly could. You have worked hard and succeeded at accomplishing all of your life goals. Think of this as the realization of all of your life dreams. Now, write about what you imagined

HERE ARE Sample essays about WRITING ABOUT “best possible self”

I guess …I want a pretty normal middle class life. I want just a medium-size house—no mansions even if I could afford it. . . . My main goal is to keep experiencing as much as I can even when it seems there isn’t anything else, there always is. Really, I just want a good marriage, where we are both confident together and compliment each other’s personalities. Once we are happy together we could be happy in lots of different situations—even if it means some sacrifice. My ideal would be for us both to love, or at least be proud of, our jobs, but also always strive for more.

I have learned to love as fully and selflessly as possible. I have learned to be humble without losing and confidence, esteem, or being fake. I have touched the life of at least one other soul in a significant way and helped them learn to love more greatly. If I have achieved this then I know that I have also achieved happiness, peace, and worldly success. By this last I refer to career accomplishment, and enough material wealth to keep me satisfied. . . . I have learned to relinquish all fear.

I hope my life allows me to travel. I have this passion to spend extended amounts of time in countries that are drastically different from my own. I’d love to visit India, China, Israel, Nepal, Africa again. So, somehow…Iwant to travel. I also envision being the associate pastor of a moderately sized church in Arizona working with adult education programming and cross-cultural awareness. Hopefully somewhere along the line I will find someone that I want to commit to sharing my life with. I would like to have 3 children. I really wouldn’t mind living in another country! I certainly don’t want to be in the military, but I’d love to do medical missions in third world countries or something like that. I also would like to teach Religion courses at the college level someday, or maybe even at graduate school! Maybe I could be a religious archeologist! Then I could travel and learn amazing things all at the same time! Life is just full of possibilities. See, there is all this stuff I want to do with part of my life, but I also really do desire a home and family

HERE ARE Sample essays about traumatic event:

This summer my grandmother past away. It was completely unexpected. . . . I was very close to her as was everyone in my family. She was so full of energy all the time and was the type who could hardly sit still. We loved to shop together, go to antique stores, have lunch, go on vacations, etc. She was up for anything, in fact, she always planned everything. The hardest part about losing her is that we had no time to prepare and my grandfather was left behind in shock. …I worry about him all the time because I now if I feel so sad about her being gone, I can’t imagine how devastating it must be from day to day to lose the woman you’ve loved for 50 years. I try to remember all of the wonderful, positive qualities about her and apply them to my own life. She would not want anyone moping around missing her. I just wish she were still here, I’d like to see her one last time, and tell her I love her.

My grandfather died on my 17th birthday. That certainly wasn’t fun. We only found out the day before that he was in the hospital, even though he’d been there for 4 days. My senile grandmother forgets where he was—and forgot to tell anyone else. . . . My first thoughts were of how I’d never hear my grandfather’s voice again reciting his favorite poem. I could hear it in my head. I thought of my grandmother, who probably wouldn’t even understand exactly (until she died, she continued to ask about my grandfather’s whereabouts).